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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a doula different than a midwife?
Doulas and midwifes make great partners. Doulas provide continuous non- medical informational, physical, and emotional support. A midwife focuses on and monitors the medical aspects of the birth process, and will typically not provide continuous support throughout labor and birth.

At what point in pregnancy should I choose and book a doula?
Doulas are typically booked during the second trimester. Although we don't have our prenatal meeting until 36 weeks or so, I am available to answer questions and provide resources as soon as we sign our agreement, which can be helpful earlier in pregnancy.

How does a doula support a partner?
Support from a loved partner is powerful during birth. A doula is a wonderful "partner to the partner," providing information and strategies to increase the effectiveness of the partner's loving support. For more information, please read my blog post on this topic here!

Should I hire a doula if I'm not planning a "natural birth"?
My purpose as a doula is to empower the birthing person, which means I support your choices in how you give birth. A doula can support all types of births. For more information, please read my blog post on this topic here!

Do I still need childbirth education classes if I hire a doula?
Being fully prepared and understanding all that is occuring during pregnancy and birth empowers you to make informed choices. Any information you can add to your toolbox helps!
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