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What  My Clients Say...

Jennifer's guidance was instrumental in finding my voice to be my own advocate in the hospital. Without her I would have been swayed from my own birth plan into unnecessary medical interventions.       ~ Lisa                                                                

I couldn't have asked for a better birthing experience and it's all thanks to my beautiful doula. When I think back to both my pregnancy and delivery, the entire experience was simply beautiful. She made me feel as though I was the strongest woman in the world and that what my body was experiencing was natural and incredible. I was never afraid. I was ready to be a mom!       ~Ragan

Jennifer Kelly has been an angel in my life! As a first-time mom, I never even heard of the term "Doula" and was overwhelmed with the entire life changes that were taking place, however I was blessed to have met Jennifer at my birth class where she introduced herself and I was able to connect.  Jennifer gave me the warm feeling and comfort to know that I can do this and coached me during the entire process. My intention was to have a natural delivery as much as possible, and Jennifer helped me in achieving this goal and helped me mentally prepare for any changes that could come along the way.  I am now a true believer behind the philosophy of the role of a doula and how every woman and couple needs this support system.  She not only met with my husband and I to get acquainted with us but took the time to explain how she will be there for us during the entire time of my labor and delivery.  She was a supportive system for both my husband and I and coached me through the labor and my husband as he was more nervous than I was.  Jennifer used her techniques to help keep me relaxed and calm during my entire labor she showed my husband ways to help me get through the pain of each contraction.  She motivated me and empowered me through all the contractions and stayed by my side throughout the delivery.  Even though the entire process is now all a blur, I can attest that I could not do this without Jennifer by my side and my husband would probably say the same thing.  Jennifer is amazing and her calm and cheery personality helped me throughout the process.  She will always be a special part of our journey as parents.  If you are looking for a Doula in this area, I highly recommend Jennifer, she is meant to be a Doula, it is her gift :).            ~ Hajara

Jennifer was absolutely amazing from the beginning. She made us feel relaxed and comfortable, and took away much of the impending fear we were feeling as birth approached. 

During my labor I used so much of her advice. The skills she taught both me and my partner were instrumental in allowing me to have the natural, drug-free delivery we had hoped for. From breathing techniques to positions, to her healing hands and massage techniques, Jennifer was a beautiful part of our experience. She coached my partner and me with calm and confident words.

Jennifer has a fiery passion for what she does. It shines through in the way she approaches every moment, starting with prenatal visits and carrying through to postpartum follow-ups. 

We truly loved our time with her, and she will always be a very special part of our story.      ~ Kerry                  

There isn't enough I can say. Jennifer was such a blessing during what was one of the scariest times in my life. She not only kept me calm but kept the daddy calm too. So thankful to have had her by our side when we welcomed the most amazing gift into this world.        ~ Kristine    

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