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Jennifer Kelly, CD(DONA)
Birth Doula

Strengthening new families with knowledge, resources, and calm, nurturing support in pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. 

About Me

Having worked as an educator for almost 30 years, supporting children with special needs and their families, I am now in a second career as a birth doula, certified through DONA International. 

I am the proud mother of two sons who are now young adults and make me feel protected and loved when they put their arms around my shoulders and I look up into their eyes... but I can still remember the euphoria of their births and their first days as if it were yesterday. Childbirth is hard work, but those births remain the most rewarding, powerful, beautiful accomplishments of my life. I am excited at the opportunity to support women as they experience what can be the single most impactful and empowering time in their lives.

Meant to Be Birth Services is a dream fulfilled, honoring birth the way it's meant to be, empowering women as they're meant to be, and supporting and advocating for strong mothers... just as it's meant to be.

I would be honored to hold space alongside you as you write your own birth and parenting story. Please reach out to me for more information about my birth doula services. 

DONA Certified Doula
The Doula Network Credentials
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About Me
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